About Us.

Welcome to Blooming Lives Montessori

Where we celebrate and nurture the sense of curiosity in each child, support them in exploring their expanding capabilities and guide them into their thriving potentials.

At Blooming Lives Montessori we nurture the development of the whole child in all areas of life.

Children are exposed to a balanced Montessori environment consisting of Practical Life, Sensorial Materials, Language, Mathematics and Cultural Studies.  This approach enables children to develop self-confidence, sense of responsibility an empathy, problem solving skills and a commitment to life-long learning.

Our stimulating, fun, and engaging approach taps into children’s sense of wonder and invites them into the learning journey at their own pace.  Our warm and comfortable environment makes the learning experience feel safe and nurturing for each child, and throughout it all, our team ensures that each learning experience is inspiring.

We view our team as an extension of your family and Blooming Lives Montessori is an extension of your home.  We work in partnership with you to benefit your children to promote their early education.